Q: What happens when I invite someone to an event and they do not have SynkMonkey?

A: I am not sure why anyone would not have SynkMonkey, but in the event this is the case, that person will receive a SMS from the host of the event. The SMS will contain a message about the event and a link to a special unique website that is created just for that event. If they have an internet enabled phone, they can open the link, see all of the event details, and RSVP to the event. They can refer back to that text at any time to see the details of the event.

Q: Are the SMS’ free that I send to my event invitees?

A: Standard messaging rates and taxes apply based on each users own plan with their carrier. SMS messages are only sent when an invitee does not have the SynkMonkey app. If an invitee does have the SynkMonkey app, then the event invitation is sent over data.

Q: Can I change the details of my event after it has been sent out to the invitees?

A: Absolutely. You can change any event detail and it will alert your guests and automatically update in their SynkMonkey calendars.

Q: I have forgotten my password, how do I log back in to the app?

A: Do not forget your password! As of now, there is no way to recover it.

Q: Can I send an invite to someone over email?

A: No, all invites are based on a person’s phone number whether they are a SynkMonkey user or not. Think of SynkMonkey as like sending a text message.

Q: Once I send an invite, can I edit or change the details of the event?

A: Yes, the host of an event can change the details (or even cancel) of the event at any time by looking at the event in the Calendar. An invitee can change when they receive their Reminder Alert, their RSVP status, and can invite others to the event.

Q: Can I post to Twitter and Facebook from within SynkMonkey?

A: Yes, you can post to your Facebook wall or send a Tweet at any time from within the SynkMonkey app.

Q: What does MoonBall Labs or SynkMonkey do with my phone number and email when I register?

A: We do not do anything with your phone number – it is simply a way for the app to recognize the user and to send invites to the appropriate person. We would NEVER allow anyone or anything access to your phone number or personal information. Occasionally, SynkMonkey may send you emails with important updates and news about the app, but these will be infrequent and you will always have the ability to unsubscribe from future emails. We will never give or sell your email address to any other company or person.